How Do I Know It's Really My Intuition Talking?

This week's Conscious Contact question was asked by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

This Week's Question:

It's not that I'm really a woo-woo person. Really I'm pretty practical, and business is serious to me, but I like to do things that work and I keep hearing I need to trust my intuition when I make decisions. Ok, I get that. I can accept that. But how do I know it's my intuition talking, and not just another idea I have?

Laura's Answer:

Thanks for asking that. I appreciate all questions, but especially this one, because it's really THE question.

By that I mean it's not only the question that every single person asks at some point, but the question I'm asked the most frequently (and often, first), as well the question that we all return to when we're making big decisions.

Whenever we're making a decision mindfully – which we tend to do more often with the decisions we perceive as BIG ones – we end up asking "what do I feel deep down?"

It's normal, natural, and common to then wonder "how do I know I'm really hearing my inner knowing, my intuition, and not just my mind or programming?"

The short answer is that intuition has a palpable sensation – a physical feel – that goes along with it. When you learn what that feeling is, you can check-in and see if it's present. There are a few ways to recognize the feel...

First, take a deep breath and think about the soles of your feet.

Energy flows where attention goes. When we're making a decision or listening for information, we strain to think and hear and we're very "top heavy." In other words, all our energy, attention, and focus is literally in our head.

We won't be able to sort things out this way, so we need a little space, literally.

A deep breath, and intentionally shifting your energy down into the soles of your feet gives you some space and broadens the spectrum of your awareness.

I highly recommend meditating daily to be able to relax your mind more quickly on demand, but even if you don't, you can do a few deep breaths with your attention.

Next, check-in quickly with your body. When you run the idea through your mind, where in your physical body do you have sensation?

I say to do this quickly, because you don't need to overthink it. But if you need to take some time to even become aware of your body, do so.

If the idea has a sensation that starts from your head, neck, or shoulders, it's a thought (or pattern disguised as a thought) not your intuition.

This will also usually bed followed quickly by the "lawyer"...the immediate enumerated defense of the idea. Whenever an idea makes you defensive, it's not intuition.

If the idea has a sensation that comes from your heart area, it's a pattern, not intuition. These concepts usually are accompanied by a lot of emotion.

There can be some defense here, too, but there's usually just a lot of emotion. Intuition is very clear and plain, not emotional, so this is not intuitive information either.

If the idea has a sensation that you can feel in your gut, your core, your center, it's intuition. Intuition feels like certain knowledge. The same way that you feel if someone were to ask you if you love your pet or your children. It's a strong, core absolute.

Intuition is usually accompanied by the immediate thought of "But HOW?" or "Then what?" Neither of these are any of your business. Intuition – for most people (and yes, everyone has it) – comes in one step at a time so that our minds don't try to "improve" upon the information.

Intuition may also be accompanied by doubt or fear, or a desire to start editing or judging the information. That's our mind and patterns kicking in, fearing change, wanting us to be safe, and fighting for the status quo. it's best just to say "thanks for caring, but I want to hear this" and then tune in.

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Much Love,

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