How Do I Know Where my Goals and Expectations for Success Should be Set?

This week's Conscious Contact question is from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

The Week's Question: I want to be true to myself and at the same time push my own boundaries. How do I know where my goals and expectations for success should be set?

Laura's Answer:

Thanks for asking that question!

Moving ahead is crucial in business. After all there's a law of the universe that we're either growing or dying. There's a lot of people who will advise you to set a goal and take massive action. Do anything, just move ahead. But that can undermine your success, and actually prevent you from hitting your goals. Let me explain why...

The universe is conspiring for our growth, all we have to do is help it along, and setting goals and getting clear on direction is part of that. Our ideas of massive action, though, can often be busy work and take us the long way around to our goals.

Action is absolutely necessary but you HAVE to constantly check in to make sure you're on track. Just as your GPS in the car gives you updates constantly, you need to check in for every turn.

But the truth is we don't usually know where we want to go next. Whether it's the next level of our business, a personal goal, or how to successfully meet a life challenge, we often find ourselves in new territory and unsure how to proceed.

We can feel anxious about this because we believe we SHOULD know what to do next so we can figure it out and have things go our way. This is where our partnership with the universe (or God, Spirit, whatever word you use to describe it) comes in. It's best to follow not so much your passion, but your curiosity.

The good news about this is that we can be clear we ARE in growth. When we're at a loss for the next step, it means we're in uncharted (to us) waters. This is actually a reassuring sign.

We have an innate guidance system built in called intuition. Now everyone is born with this, but we usually un-learn it and our trust of it as we leave childhood. We actually spend decades regaining this trust (Napoleon Hill wrote about this as the Sixth Sense in "Think and Grow Rich.")

I don't know what your current routine and spiritual practice is, but I do know that you can speed up the process by adding the a daily practice of meditation to your routine. This ability to be still and hear the next step is crucial in setting success goals.

In fact I suggest to clients that if they want to set a goal, that they add a 10-minute a day visioning meditation to their routine, one that is separate from their empty mind meditation that is a staple of our balance. This visioning meditation should be done with pad and pen. It will likely take a few weeks to get an answer, but sit quietly with closed eyes and ask over and over again "what's next for me?" Let the answers come freely and record them.

Do it for 3 weeks at least. You may literally get nothing for many days, and then suddenly get an answer. Likely it will surprise you. Whatever answer you get, write it down and notice how it feels to you. Your inner self can't and won't lie to you, but I often find that my clients need help deciphering and translating what they see. Not so much because it's cryptic, but because we have a tendency to edit and judge information we receive so quickly, that we miss the point of the actual info.

If this is confusing to you, or you want help translating and deciphering, send me email about working together privately.

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For more information or to register simply reply to this email.

Much love,

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