How Can I Get More Clients to Say "Yes?"

This week's Conscious Contact Question was asked by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

This Week's Question:

I like the work I do and love the challenge of owning my own business. Most of the time.

The part that's the hardest for me is having enough people say yes. I think the numbers will work if I can get out there and meet more people. But there's hardly enough time in the week between my family, my work, and running the business, to get to meet people. Networking takes a lot of time and is hard to fit in, so it's just not get the results I want. How can I get to more people with such a busy schedule?

Laura's Answer:

Thanks for asking that!

I have a few concrete suggestions on how to get more "yes-es" from people, but I would need to know more about your specific situation to guide you best. I can tell you this, though, with the little I have to go're having the wrong conversation with your clients. And with a few changes, you could find yourself focusing on an area of your business that's more enjoyable than networking.

You see it's not that you need more people to say yes, it's that you need to get the people you already work with to say "yes" to more work with you. Whether that's an additional project, a different project, or a twist on an old project, it's far more efficient, easier, and more enjoyable to focus on how to serve your current clients more fully, rather than find new clients. And when those clients are fully served, they will refer others to you as you make it easy for them to ask on your behalf.

Serving people well and making it simple for them to share about me with others is ideal. I always want to be operating with attraction rather than promotion in my business. How about you?

Once you hear from them what they need, see what arts of that you're willing and able to fill. Trust your intuition here. Go into stillness, ask, and listen to what you hear. Don't edit or judge, just record the information and factor that in to how you serve and who you serve. This doesn't mean you're listening to ego. Intuition has the deep, assured feeling of certainty to accompany it. You'll recognize it if you listen closely.

Be honest, transparent, and clear with those you work with as well as with yourself. That means having the courage to ask them to be honest with you about what they need from you. You may not necessarily be able to give them what they want, but you will be able to give them some version of it, or bring in someone who can.

It's all about service.

If you cringe at that statement or think to yourself "no! my current clients can't afford more!" then I would ask you to take a better look at how you're serving them and what beliefs you have going on. Have you ASKED them what they want and need, or are you telling them? Have you put together options in your clear, concise proposals that you write for them? Do you spend most of your time listening to them and finding ways to say "yes" to their dreams and ideas or telling them?

People prefer to work with those they know like and trust...and that should certainly be a good description of your current clients. If you don't feel that you like or trust your clients, I would urge you again to look at yourself with the help of a mentor or coach, to get clear on whether it's just a bad match, you've outgrown each other, or you have some walls to break down yourself.

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Much love,

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