Conscious Contact Q&A - How do I get my income to increase and even out?

This week's question to Conscious Contact was asked by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

This Week's Question:

What I really need to concentrate on right now in my business is getting my income to be more steady. Of course having more of it would always help, too. What you say about mindfulness and doing personal work is interesting to me, but that's something I don't have time to focus on until my money is taken care of. What are some things I can do right away to get a greater and more steady income?

Laura's Answer:

Thanks for asking!

But I have to question your facts. Actually, I have to question the order of your planned solution, because the truth is, you couldn't have it more backwards if you tried.

Your business isn't what needs the work. Aside from putting systems in place and following some basic guidelines, business doesn't require massive and incessant improvement. So if you're struggling to have money, it's not the business that needs the overhaul, it's the person leading the business that need the work. And the sooner the better.

You think if once you have enough money, then you'll be "ready" to do the internal work on your beliefs and your self-esteem and trusting your intuition, you're wrong. Once you have "enough" money, you will simply move the marker for what you consider "enough." That moment of "once" and "ready" will never ever come.

Let's back up a little: the first thing I hear in your words is scarcity and a lot of it. You sound certain there's "not enough" and you'll always need more, yet you currently have at least enough to money to run a business, access a computer and the internet, and take care of yourself. How much more would be "enough" today? Will you need more tomorrow?

If you KEEP your current thinking, then even if you make an additional and consistent $20,000 next month and the month after that and the month after, you would still feel like it's not enough. Oh sure, it would be enough for a little while...somewhere between five minutes and one day is my guess...but then your mind would step away from the (foreign) feeling of relief that the "extra" money brings you, and step BACK into the comfortable feeling of stress, scarcity, and anxiety.

You might do that by spending more money on things the business "really needs," catching up on old debts, or spending it on something you "deserve" for all your work. Or you might put it away and suddenly realize it's simply not enough of a cushion to make you feel safe.

Regardless, that's a lot of fear talking, and not a lot of peace. Certainly no abundance.

And THAT is the mindset – the one of fear, scarcity, and insurmountable tasks – you'll be carrying around with you every moment until you make the decision to work with someone and make some lasting changes.

The mindset change HAS to come before the financial abundance. That is the only thing to work on to help your cash flow.

It's simply how the universe works. The universe has laws so precise that we can send rockets into space and then bring them back again to land on a platform floating in the ocean. Ours is a VERY specific universe.

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Much love,

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