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Merry Christmas!

Wow! It's December already and almost Christmas. How's it going? Are you finding time to really enjoy the holiday season? I hope so!


Well this should help...last week I created and recorded a special 2 hour video webcast presentation about on simple secrets to create peace around money for the holiday season.


Since we've been connected on social media for a while now, I'm sure you saw my postings about it.


It's called "Simple Money Secrets...find fast cash for Christmas" and it's filled with practical tips on how to assess your costs, shift finances, avoid debt, and go through this gift-giving season with peace instead of pain.


It includes practical financial how-to's as well as actual solution for the emotions, thoughts, and stress that come up around money. Financial, emotional, spiritual ... we cover it all!


After I gave the webinar, though, I decided to do something a little crazy...I refunded everyone their money. They listened in, took the course, and got it all back. It felt so good!


As you know there's always a lovely place for crazy in my life. And now, I'm going to take it one step further and give the course away to YOU my, people, my tribe.


Simply opt-in below to see the video and get all the great info for FREE.


But hurry...Christmas is coming fast and the video will only be up for a limited time!


Once you get there you'll see I also made a helpful timestamp map of the video so you can skip around to the parts you want to watch as you have time to do it.


So ENJOY your Christmas gift from me by signing up below.


I hope your Christmas season is one of deep love, peace, and beauty.


And if it isn't please know you're not alone and feel free to reach out for some love and support.


Merry Christmas!


Much love,Laura

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