Merry Christmas!

As my Christmas gift to you I'm giving you this two hour webcast on simple money secrets to create peace around money for the holiday season!


It's fun, fast, and completely filled with fantastic content so I KNOW you'll enjoy it, but I also know you may not have time to sit down for two hours straight to watch it all at once.


I've listed some timestamps of highlights below for your convenience so you can easily skip around as you have time.


I hope you enjoy and would love to hear your thoughts and feelings about it.


Merry Christmas!


Much love,



P.S. The PASSWORD is "magic"

Timestamp Map


3:40 - overview of content /goals

5:13 - “I just need MORE money”

7:00 - on gratitude

13:23 - thoughts are things - growing business

14:26 - bio

22:35 - Money IS…(exercise)

36:14 - Money is NOT

45:00 - mentors

46:39 - the impact of vagueness

49:00 - how to calculate costs / make a plan

49:40 - track money

55:20 - charting money

1:00:00 - prioritizing money…where do you fit in

1:17:00 - getting to Christmas without debating

1:21:00 - abundance

1:23:00 - supporting your goals

1:30:00 - shift your plan without deprivation

1:33:00 - debt and self esteem

1:39:00 - how to deal with emotions about money 

1:51:00 - review of course

1:52:00 - an opportunity for you