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Laura Linden has always been enthusiastic about great writing, and is privileged to have turned her passion into a thriving career as a professional author. Read on to find samples of her work, a detailed bio, and more.

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Creating and Love have always been at the center of my life. Raised on the shores of Lake Erie in Pennsylvania I've been a writer, artist, and entrepreneur all my life. I had over a thousand hours of art and writing education in by the time I graduated from high school. My degree from The Pennsylvania State University's main campus with distinction and with honors in Political Science was writing intensive from papers and reports, to poetry, to short stories, to an honors thesis. 

When I moved to the mountain town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado and created my own massage therapy practice giving and teaching massage and cranial sacral work I published a monthly newsletter (before internet, before blogs) helping people stay mindfully healthy, too. 


I sold the business for a profit to become a stay-at-home mother to two amazing children who are, without a doubt, my favorite creations and biggest sources of love of all time. 

A few years later I interned at the kayaking and canoeing magazine Paddler publishing a couple pieces while experiencing magazine publishing first-hand.


I soon began an online retail business, writing descriptions and creating the website (long before drag-and-drop). I sold the business for a profit later that year when I left an abusive marriage and moved to Metro DC. There I headed the marketing department for a non-profit association writing marketing copy, event brochures, and member updates.


For the past 13 years as a consultant for numerous established but growing companies, my writing has been a mix of technical and marketing. Speaking to groups from business leaders to high school students about intuition, creativity, and spiritual strength and discovery has been a highlight.


My book projects have included: Getting Lucky : 27 Quick Tips for College Students made available in college bookstores and a children's book my kids and I created together that I illustrated called The Prince's Dilemma

For business leaders I wrote two books, Short Cut and Thrive on Easy, on using intuition to make sound decisions and The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom about the foundations of running a business. I'm currently completing a book for young adults called Meditations on Money.

Through all of this my spiritual seeking continued, and my deepening relationship with Papa (what I call God) has led me to find great love and joy in my Christian faith.

Faith without works is dead so even in this upside down world, I give back: mentoring women re-creating their lives and running an online grief relief meeting (free and open to anyone seeking to recover from grief of any kind).

The shut down of 2020 and contracting Long COVID caused me to re-examine how I could best serve others. After much prayer and meditation, 

I'm happily led to share my passion for Love and Creating by writing romance thriller novels. My first romance thriller novel Marked will be available soon!


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