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I was raised on the shores of Lake Erie in Pennsylvania and have been an entreprenur all my life. I started by selling rocks - yes rocks - to the neighbors, then later earned by babysitting, mowing lawns, and cleaning offices.


I always earned my money independently. When I graduated from The Pennsylvania State University's main campus with distinction and with honors in Political Science, I had plans to go into politics, but soon lost my taste for it.


In 1993, I moved to Steamboat Springs, in the mountains of Northwest Colorado and became a certified massage therapist, watsu practitioner, and cranial sacral therapist.  My successful start-up massage therapy business quickly built a strong and loyal local following and respected reputation. While growing my business I advised others in growing their businesses, too.


I sold the business for a profit to become a stay-at-home mother to two amazing children. Finding natural and effective solutions to their health issues strengthened my ability to integrate intuitive knowledge with empirical knowledge for the great results.


In 2006 I began an online retail business which I sold for a profit later that year when I left an abusive marriage and moved to the Metro DC area to head the marketing department for a non-profit association.


Entrepreneurialism called me back, however, and I began focusing on helping established entreprenurs with the business and personal issues that came up as they grew their businesses and their lives.


For the past 10 years I've consulted for numerous established but growing companies functioning as a consultant,  interim COO, and advisor to create clarity in the chaos of their evolving businesses. At the same time I coached executives through their specific challenges using my unique and proven system of intuition with logic.

I have authored several books, including a children's book on intuition.


I sit on the advisory boards of a number of young and growing companies, advise numerous CEOs and entrepreneurs, and have a passion for people succeeding in their dreams in healthy and mindful ways.


My current givebacks are as a speaker for the Youth Business Alliance, an amazing group that connects underpriveledged high school students with business leaders (click here to volunteer as a guest speaker), and as a volunteer with to help find loving families for abandoned dogs in the LA area.

Small business owners who are ready for growth in a mindful way....welcome! Shall we get started?


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What I do

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  • E-learning programs

  • Single hour consults

  • Two months of weekly 1 hour sessions

  • Multi-day intensive retreats

  • Keynote speaking











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"There's a lot of things I know how to do, Laura Linden handles the rest!


I created a children's book and tee shirt concept, but had neither the patience nor knowledge for creating what I needed next: a social media and online presence or even a website.


Meeting with Laura, she asked questions about topics I wouldn't have even known existed; she then designed and created my website (lean, stylish and effective), set up an online tee-shirt store, set up ordering and payment systems, and did it all quickly, efficiently, with great energy and a terrific sense of style and humor. When it comes to tech I know very little and I needed a lot of hand-holding; Laura made even this fun for me and our creative conversations regarding the look and operation of the website were a joy.


I heartily recommend Laura Linden if you have a great idea, a great product, or a big dream ... but have no idea how to pull the threads together to make it all work as a coordinated commercial enterprise."


- Neil Cohen

  Store Road Productions

"It all just puts a smile on my face to think back over the past year and half of working with Laura. It was so much FUN! I remember at the start being miserable and feeling like the world as I knew it had ended. And actually, yes it had!


Working with Laura has been so simple on the surface but has had a profound impact on the quality of my life. She is compassionate and gentle in her approach, yet gets results! Results that I had never imagined. 


If you are looking for a way to get to your next level, Laura and her team can guide you there. Thank you, Laura!"

- J.M., Executive Business Manager

"Laura Linden's no-nonsense intuition advice helped me find my truth.  She helps you find out what is authentic for you. Through her meditative exercises, you learn to see what's possible and ignite the fury of your passion. She challenges you to dig deeper and aim higher. " 

- Barabara Woo, Actor

"I feel that Laura was Heaven sent to me!  She literally was an answer to prayer!  I was at a major crossroads in my life when I attended an intuition workshop given by Laura.  Luckily I trusted my gut and decided to work with Laura one on one.  After our very first session I had an immediate map to my future!  I knew exactly what I needed to do in regards to a business partnership I was in.  I was also informed that I was a healer. This is something I have always known intuitively but wasn't sure what to do with this gift.​

Since the short time I've been working with Laura, I walked away from an unhealthy business relationship and now am the sole owner of a brand new thriving real estate company. I have become a Reiki Master and have started doing healing sessions with my friends and family. They are now referring me to others and I will soon be earning an income from my passion."

- Shawn Sorenson, Broker/Owner

       Exit Alliance Realty

"I sat in my chair, first in disbelief, then in awe and amazement as Laura was able to "sense" what I was going through. Laura somehow received a picture of the world spinning and I was "just" hanging on. It was EXACTLY how I felt in the moment.

It was a crucial moment in my life as I was re-entering the marketplace after a two-year hiatus due to a cancer dance.

Laura assisted me with making choices to move forward. it was completely "free-ing." I continue to celebrate time with Laura as a confidant and consultant. She cares so much about how I "show up" in the marketplace and her caring style invites me to step into my future with confidence and ease.

It's been 15 months of joy, possibilities, and results! I give Laura my highest recommendation."

 – Barry Spilchuk,

    Coauthor - A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul®,

    Author - THE cANCER DANCE

    Founder –

"Along my personal and professional journey of continuous learning and growth, I have sought the guidance of those who see farther, hear more clearly and feel more deeply. Laura has become an invaluable resource in all those areas.

She has the ability to tune in to my current and future situations, providing insights and tangible information and tools. Working with her has enabled me to make more informed and better decisions every step of the way.

I am grateful to Laura and look forward to all that is yet to come."

- Lauren Solomon, 

   Image by Lauren Solomon

“I consider Laura to have a real talent and strong integrity. The information she teaches and the services she provides can truly strengthen your business and save you time and money.

I trust her."

- Harry Lay, International                

   Business strategist for CEOs and business owners

"I have worked closely with Laura and find her to be a very engaging person with a unique insight and perspective on my business. She has helped me move forward in my operation and guided me through difficult and challenging situations. I will continue to seek counsel with her regarding my business affairs. It's a pleasure working with her.

I highly recommend Laura to assist you in your venture."

- Dave Pyke

   CEO Finmen, LLC

"The work that I did with Laura was very enlightening, but better yet, applicable to my life and business.

She was able to help me set up a system of success against my constant overwhelm. As an entrepreneur I find it easy to be overwhelmed, yet she was able to break down activities into 3 categories. If my activities did not fit in the 3 categories, then I eliminate them. Life got easier as it became simpler. The best thing was that this list felt "right" for me, then it made even more sense to implement.

Each time I implemented I felt immensely on purpose and on task. Like the "shoe fit" perfectly. I felt a sense of confidence rise as well.

She also assisted me with answering the question of "who" to work with for a specific area of my business. I had several candidates, but couldn't make the decision. I also had been struggling with the timing of that decision. With Laura's insight, immense clarity came through and I then knew "who" to work with and "when."


I then implemented the guided answers I got with great success.

As the CEO/Founder of a growing company who takes her work very seriously, I find these insights and tools given by Laura gave me great assistance. Laura ultimately assisted in my ability to lead in the best way that I can.


I highly recommend this work with her. It is amazing and outside of the box which is why I love it!"

– Stephanie Kozowyk, Founder/CEO

      ZsuZsi Athletic Company        

"Laura has a kind heart and beautiful understanding of human nature. My work with Laura flowed and she spoke what I needed to hear. Her advice was reaffirming what I knew deep inside my core. I felt open, clearer, and understood my path better. Thank you, Laura, for your great insight and guidance. With love and gratitude,"

- Janet Petranovich

   Founder of PAWS Inclusive

"My investment in strengthening my intuition has paid off tremendously. Two years ago I didn't really know what intuition was, and through working with Laura I have a strongly funded company, a powerful team, we're making a splash in the media, and I find myself speaking in front of TV cameras in a way that would have been unthinkable for the person I was. Intuition has been the secret recipe for me.

I believe that there are people placed on this earth who have been given very special gifts and talents and Laura has been blessed with the gift of great insightfulness. As the CEO of a young company, it has been important to have an edge especially in navigating through the early stages of difficult and challenging decisions.


Having the ability to contact Laura on a moment's notice was the best experience for our team growth. She also helped us save 72% on employee budget costs for last year.

I highly recommend Laura to any entrepreneur, CEO, or person needing honest, insightful, smart advice. The ultimate decisions are yours to make but a little "insight" gives you 20/20 vision in foresight ... not hindsight."

– Leslie Horn, CEO, ThreeSquared and cargolinc,

(as seen on and in CNN, USA Today, abc News, Yahoo!, The Huffington Post, The Weather Channel)

"Thank you again for bringing me back to what is likely the most important aspect of all. It's been good to be reminded of all the things that I ultimately know, but seem to easily forget. I guess living in the "real" world tends to give a person amnesia :) Thank you again."

- Doug Hunsberger

I’ve spent my life committed to personal and professional development. My friends and family would say I’m generally successful in every area of life (health, finances, career, and relationships). I’ve overcome some enormous personal obstacles and persevered. Still, I felt like there was something very important missing.
Being honest, I was running on pure adrenaline – adrenaline fueled by busy-ness, overachieving, and adventure (okay,  drama really). Success came, but at a price. I was exhausted, frustrated, and while I could point to the successes in my life I couldn’t feel them. I was far too tired to try and build on any success I already had, but my future dreams and goals were counting on me.
Thanks to Laura I’m learning how to meditate and strengthen my intuition. Her practical knowledge, insights, and guidance have been foundational in building my “inner success” – a calm, a knowing and  trust, a lighter and more joyful feeling in my core, in my soul. From this place I am not only able to make better decisions in both my personal and professional life, I’m able to truly sit in the joy and abundance that surrounds me and go after all that lies ahead.


With her help I have stepped into the perfect job that pays me well, has a short commute, and was literally custom-made for me.
I highly recommend Laura as a coach. No matter where you are at in your personal or professional journey, she can help you create a clear path, and most importantly, teach you the skills to find the inner strength and wisdom to accomplish your goals.

- Cynthia Vaughn,

H.R. Executive

"When you started talking to me today, I just felt like this heaviness starting to lift. You are so strongly enlightened, and I know have gifted many, many people with exactly what is needed. I can't even begin to explain what that did for me. Only the Creator knows exactly how I feel and what is going on, yet you couldn't have spoken clearer and more accurately if I had spoken the words myself. To know that someone in this plane actually REALLY knows what is going on was a sensation I still am unable to express. I just want to thank you again for what you did for me. I know heaven sent you at the perfect moment, you are so incredibly gifted, and your energy is great, very genuine."

- Michelle Roberts

"I have known Laura for a few years now and she has helped me in more ways that she will never know. Her words and guidance have helped me get through some dark times in my life. I can look in the mirror and feel good about life now. She is truly an inspiration and I am blessed to have her in my life."

- Mike Reyes

     IT Specialist

Please note: 
due to non-disclosure agreements with a majority of clients I cannot provide a full testimonial list.


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